Posted by on December 11th, 2014 with No Comments — It’s a great accomplishment for any show to reach 100 episodes, but for Community, it’s especially notable. The show came incredibly close to cancellation for several years, went through a huge upheaval behind the scenes as series creator Dan Harmon was fired (only to then have that undone a year later when Harmon was amazingly brought back) and had some notable cast changes along the way. And then, in May, Community was finally cancelled by NBC… only to be resurrected via Yahoo this summer, with Season 6 set to debut in 2015!

The Community cast are filming their 100th episode this week, and I paid a visit to the show’s new sets (they had to move to a different lot thanks to that whole cancellation thing) where the Greendale gang were celebrating this milestone and the victory it represents.

Deadpanned Gillian Jacobs (“Britta”), “This is the thing that should have never happened and many people tried to prevent from happening.”

Posted by on December 8th, 2014 with No Comments — I walk into Carbone, a Michelin-​starred Italian restaurant in New York City’s Greenwich Village, at 12:01 p.m., armed with the following information about Gillian (hard G) Jacobs: she’s about to start taping season six of cult comedy Community. She will play a multimedia artist named Mimi-​Rose on season four of Girls. She stars alongside Leighton Meester in the female friend–com Life Partners—in theatres Dec. 5—and has at least five more films in the can, including Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the sequel to the 2010 hit. And the Internet went nuts last fall when news broke that Judd Apatow handpicked her to star in his first television series in a decade, Love, expected to debut in 2016 on Netflix.

But what do I really know about Gillian Jacobs, aside from the fact that she’s about to become the it-​est it-​girl of 2015? Intensive pre-​interview “research” (i.e., Google ​stalking) yields little to nothing on her personal life, aside from what is perhaps my favourite Wikipedia entry of all time: “Jacobs is a teetotaller. She is a fan of professional wrestling and is a regular at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla shows.”

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I have also been told she enjoys reupholstering furniture.

At Carbone, the teensy Jacobs, 32, is already seated for our noon reservation. It’s the day after her FLARE cover shoot, and three hours before she’ll start prepping for tonight’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards. (Canadian design star Tanya Taylor, one of the 2014 nominees, asked ardent fan Jacobs to be her date.) She also has a wardrobe befitting it-girl-​hood; her recently Coveteur-​ed closet is a case study in how to have fun with colour and print via Opening Ceremony, Kenzo and Clover Canyon. But fitting into her designer LPDs (little print dresses) doesn’t trump her enjoyment of cheese and carbs (and cheesy carbs)—over the next two hours we will eat butter-​drenched garlic bread and warm burrata and the lightest, pillowiest ricotta tortellini that either of us has ever tasted.

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Gillian Jacobs graces the cover of Bust magazine’s December/January 2015 issue, out on newsstands now! Here’s what the 32-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her childhood: “Apparently, my elementary school called my mom and told her that I was talking to myself on the playground and I had no friends. My mom says I was a dramatic child and that I made a big production out of everything, so she thought I would like acting. She signed me up for this class and I just fell in love with it from the start.”

On comedy: “No one would hire me for [comedy] ’cause everything I’d done was a serious, heavy drama. I think unless someone has seen you do something, they can’t imagine you doing it.”

On being a feminist: “I definitely still consider myself a feminist. I just think I’m surrounded by more people now who share these same ideas. When you’re a little kid and you’re wanting to talk about equal pay, you’re not gonna find a lot of other little kids who are equally passionate about it. And i think my response to that was to become very strident about it. I think I understood as a kid that I could probably have more friends if I stopped talking about those sorts of things, but like Britta, it made me talk about them more.”

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5 new photos additions of Gillian Jacobs in Life Partners, staring Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have been added our photo gallery.

Two codependent best friends – one straight girl, one lesbian – and the man who comes between them.

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Added to our photo gallery are two stills and one poster of Gillian Jacobs and James Badge Dale in her film back in 2010 No Names.

About a tight group of friends living in a small, forgotten, Wisconsin town. The story revolves around Kevin and his fight to find a new life for himself after 30 years of going nowhere.

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Gillian Jacobs attended the Vogue And Tory Burch Celebrate The Tory Burch Watch Collection on November 11th, 2014. The designer invited a group of West Coasters to join her for a small dinner she hosted alongside Vogue on the private terrace at her Beverly Hills boutique. “Everyone looks so beautiful tonight,” Burch remarked of her guests—Jaime King, Gillian Jacobs, Aubrey Plaza, Brooklyn Decker, Joy Bryant, Rashida Jones, Claiborne Swanson Frank, and Camilla Belle, many dressed in Tory Burch, caught up over branzino, fillets of beef, and caramel bread pudding that disappeared quickly. 15 images have been added to our site.

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Posted by on November 8th, 2014 with No Comments The Life Partners actress talks about her upcoming Girls role and why the new Community episodes could still end up back on TV

Gillian Jacobs is about to rule streaming video: her cult hit Community is headed to Yahoo and she has a Netflix series with Judd Apatow in the works. But first, she’s starring in Life Partners, a movie about two co-dependent best friends that hits video-on-demand on Nov. 6 and arrives in theaters in Dec. 5. TIME caught up with the actress to talk about female friendship, her ideal night in and whether this year is the Year of the Gillians.

Your co-star Leighton Meester said much of this movie was improvised. How was that? I think there was a lot of it that was scripted, and then there’s probably a lot of moments in there that are just us goofing around that they kept in. I’d have to re-watch the movie right now to tell you what I remember being improvised. But I remember it was a really loose, fun atmosphere where it just felt like everyone was hanging out.

Is the director like, “Come on guys, get serious, we need to finish this movie”? We were professionals about it, but I think they were excited that Leighton and I were getting along because we didn’t know each other before we started the movie. That was a big risk for them, casting two people who never really spent time together.

You two do play convincing best friends. We didn’t have trailers on that movie, so it’d be everyone hanging out in whatever place we were shooting. Sometimes that gets a little tiresome, but a lot of time that leads to people getting to know each other better and hanging out more, which is great.

So is Leighton your BFF now? I love Leighton! I have not seen her recently — she was in New York for a long time doing Of Mice and Men, but I think she is one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest people I’ve ever worked with.