Out and About in New York

I’ve added a couple of images of Gillian Jacobs out and about in New York City. You can check them out below!

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Jul 6

54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

On June 9th, Gillian Jacobs attended the 54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival with Joel Mchale. 65 photos have been added to our gallery.

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Jul 6

Opening Ceremony of the 54th Monte Carlo TV Festival

Gillian Jacobs attended the Opening Ceremony of the 54th Monte Carlo TV Festival on June 7th with Comunnity costar Joel Mchale. 20 photos have been added to our gallery.

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Jul 6

“The Big Ask” Los Angeles Screening + Q&A

On May 30th, Gillian Jacobs added “The Big Ask” Los Angeles Screening with Questions & Answers. I’ve added 3 high quality photos of her appearance to our photo gallery.

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Jul 6

On the set of “Girls” – Candids

Added to our gallery are a few images of Gillian Jacobs on the set of Season 4 of Girls. I’ve added candids from June 4th, June 24th and June 28th. You can check them out below!

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Jul 6

‘Community’ will return for sixth season on Yahoo!

NYDailyNews.com — ICreator Dan Harmon, who still writes the show, confirmed in a statement that despite NBC cancelling the show after last year’s season 5, Yahoo has picked it up for a sixth season that will debut this fall. Harmon used his playful release to turn the show’s modest ratings into a subtle parting jab.

“I look forward to bringing our beloved NBC sitcom to a larger audience by moving it online,” said Harmon.

“Community” debuted in September 2009 with an audience of almost 8 million, but soon settled down to about half that figure and finished its NBC run around 3 million. It had been expected NBC might cancel the show two seasons ago, but the network ended up replacing Harmon instead for Season 4. He returned for Season 5.

The show has also been notable for generating internal dramas, including the noisy departure of Chevy Chase in Season 4 and the more sedate departure of Donald Glover in Season 5. Harmon said he would like to bring Glover back for Season 6. Most of the rest of the cast is signed to return, including Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jim Rash and Ken Jeong.

Gillian Jacobs on her ‘Girls’ role and the end of ‘Community’

Inside.tv.ew.com — She has graduated from Greendale and is now headed to Hannah: Community star Gillian Jacobs has snagged a recurring role on season 4 of HBO’s Girls. EW checked in with Jacobs to talk about her new job — and, yes, the end of her old one.

You’re playing a character on Girls named Mimi Rose. Already that smacks of great potential. What can we expect from her? I have an awesome name — in the grand tradition of Girls having awesome names for their characters… So I can’t really give much away about my character. But…I can tell you that she is a multimedia artist who doesn’t agree with Hannah’s interpretations about art and challenges her ideas.

Do we meet her in Brooklyn or Iowa? You are tricky! You’re very sneaky!

How about one more cryptic clue about her? I’ve been wearing a pair of my own shoes in this episode that we’ve been shooting. How’s that?

Can you describe the shoes? They’re Converse… Oh god, I don’t know what I can say! Just pretend I’m on Mad Men and I can’t tell you anything!

What attracted you to this role that you can’t talk too much about? I thought it was really great because it was different from Britta, and I thought it would be really fun to get to do a different kind of character on a comedy but a different sort of comedy — one that has very serious, dramatic episodes and then really fun, silly episodes. It’s such a great group of people and it’s really fun to get to work in New York. All of it was pretty appealing.

Anything on your wish list? Do you want to have a controversial sex scene at a warehouse or is there an outfit you want to wear? I have just been trying to not wear things that are trademarks of Britta, so I nixed stripes and I nixed some leather jackets. I think it’s fun to dress differently and be a different character, so I saw a couple of leather jackets hanging in the wardrobe room and I said I would kindly like to not wear leather jackets on the show.

Have you always been a big Girls fan? Yeah. Actually, my friend produced Lena’s movie Tiny Furniture, so I met Lena [Dunham] when that came out years ago. I’ve watched the show from the beginning.

Are you looking to do another weekly role on TV? Or did this particularly appeal to you because you can dip in and out? I don’t want to get so gun-shy that I never do another regular role again. But then on the other hand, it has only been, like, two weeks since Community ended, so I’m not feeling desperate to pick a job that would be longer-term. It’s bittersweet, because on the one hand, I’m really excited — there are a lot of opportunities — but on the other hand, I of course would have preferred to just keep doing Community. So you kind of have mixed feelings about the whole thing…. I have to say, it is very nice to be back on a set. It feels good to go to work right now and work with really lovely, awesome people, but I get really sentimental when I think about my Community crew and I miss them all very much.

What was your reaction when you heard the news? As sad as it was, you guys had been living on the edge of cancellation for so long that I have to assume at some level you were bracing for it? Or do you just get used to squeaking by and always getting that last-minute renewal? I kind of think that I was living in hope. You do the Paleyfest, Danny [Pudi] and I did the Hulu upfronts for Community, and you sort of feel like, “Yeah, you’re going to come back — we’ll do the sixth season, it has to happen. The hashtag has to come true.” So while I always knew that we were on thin ice for years, I think in my heart I really thought we were going to come back.

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Gillian Jacobs Joins ‘Girls’ Season 4!

Gillian Jacobs will have a recurring role on the fourth season of HBO’s “Girls.” Lena Dunham made the announcement on her Twitter on Wednesday.

Variety.com — Jacobs is the first castmember from “Community” to land a major role since the comedy’s cancellation earlier this month. She is not, however, the first one from the show to appear on “Girls” — Donald Glover had a part in season two as a boyfriend of Dunham’s character.

While “Community” fans may fret about what this means about the possible revival of the comedy somewhere other than the Peacock, plenty of castmembers on the show have juggled multiple jobs while “Community” was running, including Alison Brie, who has a role on “Mad Men” as well.

The fourth season of “Girls” is set to premiere on HBO in early 2015.