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TVGuide.comNetflix has given a two-season order to Love, a new original series from Judd Apatow.

The unflinching and honest take on relationships stars Community’s Gillian Jacobs and Inglourious Basterds’ Paul Rust as Mickey and Gus, a couple who will navigate the exhilarations and humiliations of intimacy, commitment and other things they were hoping to avoid. 13 stars who’ve dated their friend’s ex. Love was created and written by Apatow, Rust and Leslie Arfin. Brent Forrester will executive-produce. The comedy will debut its first 10 episodes in 2016, followed by a 12-episode second season in 2017.

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Abed becomes convinced that there is a conspiracy afoot and that Dean Pelton is an imposter. When Abed is apprehended sneaking around on campus, he is required to see a therapist, or risk being sent to jail.

10.jpg 107.jpg 262.jpg 315.jpg 366.jpg

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When a beloved classmate dies unexpectedly, Britta uses skills from psychology class to counsel the study group. Chang tries to seize more control over campus security.

39.jpg 139.jpg 170.jpg 202.jpg 219.jpg

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In a homage to Law & Order, the study group investigate a crime when someone sabotages their science experiment. When they discover the perp, Annie plans on prosecuting them to the fullest extent of Greendale’s Code of Conduct.

2.jpg 4.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg 15.jpg

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When a final exam is postponed, Annie talks Abed into letting her spend some time in the dreamatorium, where an innocent simulation turns into an examination of the study group.

18.jpg 54.jpg 69.jpg 152.jpg 102.jpg

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I finally had a chance to add screencaps of Gillian Jacobs as Britta Perry in Season 3 (Episodes 9-15) of Community to our photo gallery. Check them out below!

04360.jpg 04478.jpg 0922.jpg 0444.jpg 01480.jpg 
02092.jpg 03259.jpg 04243.jpg 05376.jpg 05128.jpg
4.jpg 25.jpg 319.jpg 350.jpg 435.jpg

August 27th, 2014   Ray   Celebrities, Girls, Lena Dunham, Projects, Upcoming Episode   No Comments — Dunham’s newly platinum locks aside, she eventually did give up a hint about whether or not Hannah will actually attend the Iowa Writers’ Workshop — “I can say that this season is a very different locale and energy for Hannah, different driving forces than we’ve seen before” — and even teased a bit of info about the new character played by Community‘s Gillian Jacobs.

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I’ve added a couple of medium/tagged but beautiful photos of Gillian Jacob’s earlier sessions to our gallery. Be sure to check them out.

1.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 32.jpg 45.jpg

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